About Us

One fine evening, a group of well read individuals decided to brain storm on finding the perfect name for a publishing house. They had all the needed tools i.e. Google and Coffee, to make that evening an eventful one. After continuous hours of research, they found out that language existed since forever, emerging probably simultaneously with the sapiens. However, writing has had its origins in the strips of Neolithic Fertile Crescent. The use of clay impressions in the form of pictograms were used to represent an idea or a concept. It was the first form of writing. From drawing pictures on cave walls to use of codex, writing has come a long way.

Oh well! It turned out to be an education session with no directed results.

Empty coffee mugs and still no name by late evening left this group of highly motivated and cultured individuals hungry and exhausted. They realized for better functioning of the brain, they need to take a break and feed their growling stomach. Post an intense discussion on food, someone randomly suggested the name Coffee Beans for a publishing house. His idea was shunned at that moment, maybe exhaustion taking over prime senses.

# Fast forward to the next morning: *Phone Ringing*

  • Person 1: "I like the name coffee bean for a publishing house."
  • Person 2: "How does something related to food define a publishing house?"
  • Person 1: "You know, green coffee beans have to undergo the process of roasting to be converted into the aromatic dark brown coffee beans that we are aware of. This publishing house will do the same for amateur writers. When they will come to us with their half-baked manuscript, we will to the needful of converting it into a full baked book."
  • Person 2: "You are a genius."
Apart from publishing books we also provide
  • (1) Co-author projects
    Here two or more authors write a book where they are given a story to give it wings. In short we work with you hand-in-hand towards the completion of the book.
  • (2) Anthologies
    Here we publish a collection of short stories with an underlying theme. Several authors come together to pitch in their words to echo in the hearts of readers in rhythm.
  • (3) Workshops
    From time to time we conduct workshops on various topics and issues related to writing and publishing like how to get published, creative writing, book marketing, writing as a career, etc. They are well hosted and attended, undoubtedly, considering how vast the publishing industry today is.
  • (4) Editorial Services
    Readers hate bad grammar even if the story is top-notch. And believe it or not, it hits an author hard. So why not use our editorial services to get that prerequisite editing before sending it off to print.
  • (5)Marketing Guide
    Considering the huge number of books that are published on a daily basis, it is a necessity for a book to be noticed by readers. Our expert team will provide you a concrete and factual, tried-and-tested plan on how to market your books to increase your sales.