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Half Baked Beans says “We Bake Them Up”

Half Baked Beans, a 6-year-old publishing house, was founded to help aspiring writers to turn their raw manuscript into a full-fledged published book. With over 100 published books across all genres, the publishing house launched a vertical for marketing and branding division which is named as Better Books. From publishing 60-minute micro books to proper novels and ebooks, Half Baked Beans has come a long way supporting writers fulfil their dreams of becoming a proclaimed author.

Half Baked Beans is a new-gen publishing house which not only publishes intriguing books but also provides marketing services to authors and poets. It renders a digital platform to the writers who want to seize a motley of opportunities to enhance their literary career. The idea is to encourage budding scribblers to explore their craft of writing and get their works appreciated by readers from all over the terrain.

Margaret Atwood said “A word after a word after a word is power,” and we strongly believe in it as there are a million stories and a thousand emotions brewing in people’s hearts and minds that need to be etched for others to absorb. Hence, we run the following initiatives to realise our vision.

  • Book Marketing

In the last few years, book marketing has evolved manifold which demands an integrated approach to promote the book with huge efforts, constant engagement and execution of innovative marketing strategies. It has been 4 years since Half Baked Beans have launched the book marketing division and the progress marks that we have curated more than 50 book marketing projects.  In the age of digital media publicity, promoting a book over social platforms has become necessary where we focus on marketing our published books through Better Books handle, acknowledging authors and the release of their upcoming books.

Book Marketing
  • Workshops

Amid the situation of working from homes, we organised a few enlightening workshops for our audience to help them learn and grip on productive online tutelage. Our eminent tutors and speakers held sessions on ‘The Basic Of Poetry Writing’,’Prose Poetry Workshop’, ‘Free Verse Poetry Workshop’, ‘Novel Writing Workshop’, ‘Basics of Blogging’, ‘How To Monetize Your Social Media’ and others that are yet to be scheduled. The intention is to impart month-long learning on a selective matter in hand.

  • Mentorship

Half Baked Beans equips mentorship programmes in order to guide and tutor maturing writers to learn know-hows of the publishing industry. Co-Author Project is an initiative to guide amateur writers through the writing process of a novel in a team of two, profusing their ideas and research to ultimately publishing everything into an end book.

  • Contests

Time and time again, we arrange contests and challenges on different genres and writing styles to persuade writers to attempt and showcase their skills. A Poetry Challenge was held to challenge the poets to compose a poem in a given number of lines in order to discover their creativity. Micro-Fiction Contest prompted them to try their hands on horror stories so that they could try a varied genre. Similarly, we had a Story Time Contest for children to give them a chance to get their writings featured with us. Our effort to line up these contests is only to inspire potential writers to arouse their craft towards becoming a wordsmith.

  • Anthologies

One of the prominent constituents of our publishing house is to collate striking submissions by many writers in an anthology to celebrate their works by publishing them as paperback and ebook editions. The Great Indian Anthology-1 gave a chance to poets whose works remain unnoticed otherwise. The opportunity was offered without any selection procedure but with a professional editing and literary encouragement provided from our end. To celebrate the success of its first edition, The Great Indian Anthology- Express Edition is in making to publish their tiny tales & haikus, and feature them on the social media platform. Bullet Tales was another enticing opening for writers to hone their skills to win cash money and grab a chance to getting published in the next anthology. As Half Baked Beans scouts creative talents, A Jar Of Letters is an astounding collection of letters written by different writers that are truly stirring and sentient.

  • Review Programme

Along with book publishing and marketing services, we offer authors to conjoin with our platform to get their books to read and reviewed by avid readers. We invite book reviewers to connect with us to grab free paperback and ebook editions of books that they wish to review. This programme has helped authors to boost their readership and supported readers to read a plethora of genres by letting out genuine reviews.

Half Baked Beans constantly manifests the scope of writing by extending newfangled writing opportunities to its audience. Its recent project is an online pitch fest- Pitch Your Book which is an incredible fighting chance for the writers who have manuscripts (or are working on one) but are not able to get it published or are unaware of how to approach publishers. It is a free publishing deal with freebies for all the participants and exciting prizes for selected winners. We catalogue Giveaways for our audience to keep them thrilled with books and nurture their abilities by staying hooked with our literary events.

When it comes to writing, all that is required to become a prosperous writer is to believe in your words and practice the craft. It calls for the discovery and further exploration in the realm of writing.

Half Baked Beans hopes to enliven this idea by supporting authors to promote their books and upcoming writers to furnish their art by participating in the literary events organised by our platform.


5 HBB Women Writers Whose Stories Would Inspire You

Since the days of yore until this age of professing self-acceptance, writing has been a therapeutic getaway. It has the power to enliven the lives of those who muster up the courage to write, and also to those who wish to paddle along these tales. Although there is a myriad of professions which value human skills, the writing spree is the one that pulls people out from a dark tunnel. It confers them the road that would only bring prosperity and belief in self. 

With each published work, public discourse or interaction with the audience, the value of these letters become manifold, influencing readers in copious ways. Half Baked Beans is a platform that invites writers to publish their dream book, get featured in various anthologies and get acknowledged by readers from all over the world.

With literary appreciation and uphill times, there are writers who made some grim choices, sought higher goals for themselves and achieved them too. Despite facing challenges in personal and alternate professional lives, they took resort to a career in writing while inspiring generations to come.


Durriya Kapasi is a cancer warrior and a creative writing teacher at primary school. She is a writer who penned down her feelings and put her emotional highs and lows in words during her battle against cancer. She has published two books with Half Baked Beans titled as ‘Once upon a genie’, ‘Neverfound Land’, and has performed at Josh Talks as well. 

'Once Upon A Genie & 'Neverfoundland' by Durriya Kapasi

While her journey gained a lot of experiences, both personally and professionally, she believes being a writer is a huge responsibility as words remain immortal guiding people for ages and more. Durriya posits that struggles only make a person stronger than before, and although there are more days to come, she finds herself happy and content with life and will always look forward to becoming a better writer and a good human in all aspects.

“Success cannot be defined by achieving one goal because once you reach that goal you start focusing on the next level.”


Ayushee Ghoshal is a screenwriter, mental health mentor, a spoken word artist and an actor. Despite being a good law student, her zest to pursue writing as a full-time career encouraged her to choose what makes her happy, landing her to the city of dreams- Mumbai. Writing is not as glamorous as it seems, she says, and so after conquering her fear by taking the plunge, she got her first poetry book ‘4 AM Conversations’ published by Half Baked Beans. Just how difficult publishing a book was, having a book launch and getting a space in a bookstore was another stumbling block. There were rejections and consistent hardships on her way, yet she toiled for hours working on her scripts as a screenwriter. Wishing to perform her poetry, she won over her stage fright at her first performance at the mecca of performing arts, Habitat. 

4 AM Conversations by Ayushee Ghoshal

Determined to realise her dreams, Ayushee never gave up which came out as her poetry book becoming a bestseller, then turning into an audiobook, where she also wrote a collection of scripts for various television channels and web series as well as performed her spoken word at more than a hundred shows. She believes that success never comes neatly gift-wrapped but with a strong will and stubborn heart, every dream can be turned to reality.

“And remember, the good things are often on the other side of your fear.”


Kamini Kusum is an acclaimed novelist who has published three novels and two e-book series. She began her pursuit of writing a few years back in her corporate job where her first short inspiring story was awarded as the best story for the company’s intranet domain. Realizing her passion for writing as well as being an avid reader since childhood, she decided to write a book of her own.

However, like everyone else, she had her fair share of struggles which she faced while marketing her book and creating a reader base. She published a book ‘A New Dawn’ with Half Baked Beans, along with other short book series published by Srishti Publishers and Redgrab Books. 

Delhi launch of 'A NEW DAWN' by Kamini Kusum

“It’s a long road ahead!”

Setting targets for herself while writing book after book, Kamini keeps certain of the rule that where passion is the driving force, everything falls in place with time.


“Success is not the absence of failure, but the determination to keep going despite it

Shrruti Clarence is a published author, an image consultant and a soft skills trainer. She has won India’s Mrs Universe Confident 2017 along with many other pageant awards. Having worked for 15 years as an Airline Professional and Corporate Manager, she had her breakthrough in writing during her sabbatical days. Although she enjoyed writing since her early college days, writing became her saviour while she was stifling from her postpartum depression. 

With time, Shrruti caught hold of her interest in writing and got her works published in many anthologies. She got her first historical novel titled ‘A Tulip In The Desert’ published by Half Baked Beans. To achieve her dreams and soar high in life, Shrruti is working on her second book at the moment.

Shrriti Patole Clarence


Sumeetha is a freelance writer and a notable author of a bestselling book ‘The Perfect Groom’. She published her second book ‘The Lines Of Mehendi’ with Half Baked Beans which always charts among the top 50 books on Amazon and has been selected as an Amazon Prime reading three times. Having translated her Tamil novel ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ in English- ‘Ponni’s Beloved’, she is currently working on her last book of this five-book series. 

Despite working well in her career for years, Sumeetha took a break from her full-time job to foster her role as a mother. She faced her period of doubts, hesitation and inadequacy, and constantly thrives to overcome rough times with hard work and absolute dedication. Her husband proved to be great support who encouraged her to keep writing for her dreams. The appreciation received from her readers is a major source of inspiration for Sumeetha which allows her to write books and embrace the delight it bequeaths to her heart.

“I want to get to a point where I don’t need a day job to sustain my passion.”

As Priyanka Chopra Jonas quotes that anything can be achieved by just being “fierce, fearless and flawed’”, these five inspirational women have demonstrated true grit and perseverance to fulfil their goals in life. Their prowess in writing career has made them soar high, gather sweeping experiences and enkindle people around them. Much like in writing, it all needs a step and a great deal of courage to follow your calling in life and achieve what it awaits to award you with.