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Book : The last laugh

About the book

What happens when a harmless prank turns into a deadly game of lies, deceit and betrayal? Doug, a carefree man with his love for shenanigans challenges his friends as a part of a bet. Monica, daughter of one of the most powerful man in the city, Richard Nolan joins in a prank to scare her father. Doug calls Richard Nolan and tells him that his daughter is kidnapped and demands a ransom of 100 million dollars. But... it turns into his worst nightmare when one of his friends is shot dead.... Time tickles away, more killings follow, new characterscreep in, each having their ownvendetta against Richard Nolan. What seems like an innocuous prank turns into a race to come out alive where everyone has their eyes set on the 100 million dollars!!


Author : Shardul Karve