Catalogue - The Unceremonious Revenge

Book : The Unceremonious Revenge

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About the book

The story is about Aditya Thakur, a humble, ambitious man who very well knew how to speak his mind and about the love of his life, Alisha who was able to understand his deepest feelings. The story deals with the fact that love does not necessarily have a fairy tale ending. It’s about two people who are each other’s caretakers, secret keepers, partners in crime and best friends. They were leading a happy life until Achraj entered their life. Achraj, the spoiled son of Kesua’s Mayor, who could go to any lengths to satisfy his ego. This is not any other love story, it shows the true meaning of life that includes sacrifices, hardships, pain, courage, guilt and not just happily ever after. It’s a tale of love, malevolence, revenge, anticipation, and Acceptance.

Author : Arpit Shrivastava