Catalogue - Butterfly met Hurricane

Book : Butterfly met Hurricane

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About the book

For most of her life, her parents were her entire world. Diana Britto was born and brought up in a Tamil family. Everything she knew and believed about her family is challenged when she visits her childhood home under changed circumstances and Diana discovers a box of letters that will forever change the way she looked at her parents. Her father, Cyril Britto, was not entirely a bad guy. He mostly did not cheat on a few women simultaneously during the days of his youth. He only sometimes hated his friends. He may or may not have threatened her mother, Kayal, into marrying him. It was through marriage that Kayal would learn an important truth about her husband. This book, is the journey of a daughter, a mother, and a best friend through love, betrayal, death and preserved memories.

Author : Balakarthiga M