Catalogue - Hell Inc

Book : Hell Inc

Language : EN

About the book

While drinking with his friends, Vineet runs into Maya, a mysterious and an evil demon from hell. He’s offered a deal by Maya; a deal he can neither resist nor yield. His impish curiosity and his rebellious attitude compel him to sign a blood bond with the demon, despite the consequences it could bring. Through a series of unfortunate events, his friends end up joining him in hell. Desperate to save themselves, they turn the place into a madhouse as they create mayhem and literally set all hell loose. With time running out and every situation becoming life-threatening, each attempt they make to get away from Maya brings them closer to a darkness that cannot be named. Can Vineet save himself? Can Vineet save his friends? Why did Maya choose Vineet? They can trust no one, neither in hell nor in heaven.


Author : Srikanth Polisetti