Catalogue - City of Screams

Book : City of Screams

Language : EN

About the book

Lonely mall corridors, stuffy hotel rooms, that always-locked apartment in your building— Horror lurks in your city at every bend, and it is waiting to leap at you in your solitary unguarded moment. And when it does, all the commotion of the city wouldn’t be enough to stifle your screams. These 15 stories come from the grisly and ghastly underbellies of our cities. From a young man fighting his mortal fate to a foreigner encountering a ghost in a hotel room, from an urban legend that comes alive by repetition to an online game that seeks real blood, from a demon causing an infectious sleeping illness to a salon that pampers the living daylights out of its clients — these are stories that will make your skin crawl. Dive into this horrific world then… But know that your city isn’t the city of dreams that it is touted to be… In truth, it is the City of Screams


Author : Neil D'Silva and 14 others