Catalogue - MYRIAD TALES


Language : EN

About the book

An inspector in hot pursuit of a murderer, a set of pearls that spell doom and a couple using a new sex toy at inappropriate times leading to comic results make an appearance. So do a renowned jewel thief, a haunted house with a brutal past and a lift operator with the 'hots' for a female janitor. Giving them company is a lady who loves her Tea more than her husband, a woman defending herself from a psychopathic killer and a honeymooning couple visiting the haunted forts of Jaisalmer. Read on to know about a dangerous game of life & death involving riddles, a mysterious ghost haunting railway passengers, an escaped convict on the trail of his lost girlfriend and a bespectacled boy who loves ogling at curvy female bodies. A priest from foreign shores will try to exorcise the evil wandering in the jungle, a young computer whiz will unearth the mystery surrounding the education minister's assassination and Bheeshma Pitamah will recount the Mahabharata to a news reporter in a never before heard hilarious manner. The stories in this anthology will intrigue you immensely, send a shiver down your spine and tickle your funny bone as well. Carefully selected and immaculately written, this edition of MYRIAD TALES includes an eclectic mix of award winning stories from established and debutant authors alike. Get set for an adrenaline pumping ride!