Catalogue - M.I.A: Missing in Action

Book : M.I.A: Missing in Action

Language : EN

About the book

Amrutha's idyllic life in Manali is overturned when she receives bad news of her husband’s death but it turns out the worst is yet to come. Vikrant is an officer in the army who's always away from home. When he goes missing during an operation, he is presumed dead or MIA. While Amrutha struggles to get her life back on track, she meets Anurag; who is an army man and a friend of her husband’s. Anurag shares with Amrutha that her husband was murdered and he and Amrutha are willing to do anything to find out the truth about Vikrant’s death. But it's easy to hide secrets in the mountains where screams go unheard and the sound of gunshots are muffled. Will Amrutha solve the mystery or lose herself in her quest for revenge?


Author : Tanay Sengupta & Sahana Srikanth