Catalogue - Until the Sun sets

Book : Until the Sun sets

Language : English

About the book

Arjun Dhanrajgir Rai is called back from America to be an integral part in his father's shrewd plan to conquer the two biggest states of the nation. Powerless to condemn it and forced to be a part of it, Arjun only had two confidants who could help him out of this mesh. Arjun's life takes a turn when he accidently meets Savya, and he isn't able to move beyond her again. Though he tries to turn a rigid heart against her indubitable love for him, but soon realizes that it was no coincidence but destiny which sealed their fates together. And he falls in an irrevocable love with her. But their bliss collides with grief when Arjun's father directs him to a reality of his life could easily put Savya's entirety in an irreparable peril. What would Arjun do now? And was there something that was leading them to stand up against his father for the one last time? Or was there someone else directing it all?

Author : Arpita Bahl