Catalogue - Real Illusion

Book : Real Illusion

Language : English

About the book

What happens when life takes a sudden, unexpected turn? On a usual visit to the city, a book publisher chances upon a secret diary. A diary which turns his seemingly conventional stay into an extraordinary one. The diary of Emma Botts, his host. Emotionally crushed, she leads a mundane life with her narcissistic lawyer husband, David. Despite being ill treated, she keeps her hopes alive from a doomed marriage which ultimately leads to her despair. At a college reunion, she meets the young and jovial Effron; and a friendship is struck instantly. Amidst laughter and cheers, Effron teaches her the most important lesson of life - 'Love yourself!' But one day, things take a drastic turn when Effron suddenly disappears from Emma's life. As a bewildered Emma searches for clues, she is shattered after what she finds out! Just as all hope is lost, Emma finds a letter. A letter written by Effron. Who is Effron, and what is he really up to? Does he have an ulterior motive or does he mean well? What does the letter mention? And finally, what does Emma do when she comes to terms with the reality?

Author : Mahi Goyal