Catalogue - All I need is you

Book : All I need is you

Language : English

About the book

Love...the only thing you find happiness in, when you fall in it. Sometimes you don't choose it, rather it chooses you....and when you are chosen, you know what love means, you understand what true happiness is. But you don't plan it...actually you can' just happens...sometimes knowingly and sometimes just by chance. The same thing happened with a small town boy Mohit and a high class girl Pihu. They had never seen each other yet they fell in love. They never touched each other yet they couldn't be separated. The bubbly girl not just only brought happiness in the life of introvert boy Mohit, she taught him the true meaning of love. But destiny had some other plans. Mohit faced the choice of either leaving her behind or leaving his life behind. What would he choose? Would Mohit forget his promises what he made to his bubbly girl or will he show the meaning of true love and will set an example?

Author : Mukund Verma