Catalogue - The Twisted Twenties

Book : The Twisted Twenties

Language : EN

About the book

As Baz Lurhman once said 'The most interesting people are the ones who still don't know what they want to do." It's okay to be confused in your twenties. It's okay to NOT know. Ok Peeps, why don't we get straight to the point. Do we really know what we want in our twenties? Yes and No. Are we confused? The hell we are. For Mimi Hittalmani, a confused twenty something life is about to begin. After getting sacked by her bad ass editor for attending a silly Bollywood bash, clotted with a nasty breakup; Mimi decides to expand her worldview. Two years later, armed with a foreign degree and some flashy Aussie stories she begins her mis-adventures in Mumbai where she meets the gorgeous Mehra brothers and falls in love with all three at once. Mimi then joins the carnival and let's herself go on the train of chaos, cacophony, camera and drama. She's glad; her co passengers are all potential soul mates, she never met; the brotherhood of lost loves. From then on the joy ride of working, flirting, schmoozing, networking, hiring 'tight assed' women and finally falling in love become part of Mimi's quirky and hilarious journey. By the end she realizes that the twenties are indeed twisted; it's ok to goof up, jump courses, change careers, flout opinions and of course chat up four guys at once!

Author : Deepali Junjappa