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Book : Alive

Language : English

About the book

When I lost my father at a young age of 21, I couldn't help but vent out my feelings for the tremendous loss I felt. It was like a hole in my heart which could never be filled. But I had no voice. I had to take care of my mother and brother. That is when I thought of 'Alive.' It is my attempt at expressing those unspoken feelings through the memories I have of my father. Our little dates, our coffee outings, our career discussions and our immense love and possessiveness for each other is what made me write this book. It is a thorough account of what my father was, not only to me but numerous other people whose life he touched. 'Alive' is a book in the loving memory of my father and one of the finest actors on Marathi television, Anand Abhyankar.

Author : Sanika Anand Abhyankar