Catalogue - Emancipation

Book : Emancipation

Language : EN

About the book

What happens when an ordinary looking working guy storms into a restaurant to have his lunch while the owner is busy shouting over his manager? In what direction do the events turn when the owner is a potential film maker and the engineer has a story to tell? Well, that's exactly the situation when a guy named Bankim, small town bred, middle class, engineer, enters a restaurant owned by Tanmay, pressurized by parents to enter into the family business and a film school dropout. Bankim churns out his life's story in front of Tanmay , a story which encompasses the struggles and feelings of thousands of teens in the small settlements of India. A story touching crucial points of a youth's life in a small distant town , his love life, the attack of parental and social pressure and the incessant attack held by the education policies... The book takes you on a raw tour covering the crude real life aspects of a small town guy in present day India.

Author : Suddhabrata Deb Roy