Catalogue - Curtain Call

Book : Curtain Call

Language : EN

About the book

We live our lives like the ceaseless flow of a river, but we remember it only in pieces, pieces we like to call memories, memories that are shared in the form of stories. What is life if not a number of stories tied together like an anthology? The Curtain Call is one such anthology that brings together stories from different walks of life, stories that would make you pondering upon them for days, stories that make you think, and stories that will leave an imprint on the souls of the readers. From historical fiction to fantasy fiction, this multi-genre anthology contains thought-provoking stories that will take you through a delightful journey beyond time and reality. Whether it is a train journey, space expedition or Mrinalini's royal marriage, Gloria's guest, a spy or an Ookleeboo, a story of love or of bitter sadness, these stories will make you cry, laugh, love and, most importantly, live.

Author : Edited by- Rafaa Dalvi