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Book : The Fence

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About the book

Dan Trilok is a millionaire whose only aim is to see that he die. A driving force called as the 'Cosmic' is there to support him in his mission. A widow is gifted by her son a Smartphone. Her relationship with the device soon turns to obsession. Mr. Mistry's story is a light-hearted account of his life and his own folly which led to his tragic end. Romancing with his favourite brand of whisky while cursing his job, a grumpy post-master finds a letter addressed to no-one. A man wants to confess his guilt . Stopped by his friend but to no avail. Just before going ahead he contemplates his actions and questions himself. Read Mirnalni's and Anil's story and come to know that Love is not just a four letter word but a way of being there for each other. 'Runaway' is a story weaved around Pratik and Radhika waiting for a miracle in the city of dreams. Sujata Mahajan wants to apologize to the people she had ignored in her life. When she is close all her plans backfire. "The Fence" is a collection of short stories compiled and edited at a workshop conducted by Half Baked Beans in Mumbai

Author : Vishal Bagaria, Yashluv Virwani, Kevin Missal, Akash Rumade, Kabir Malhotra, Payal Dhiman, Rohan Kachalia, Shruti Agarwal, Deepali Junjappa