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About the book

These poems delve, intensively, into almost every emotion. Swatii has intricately engaged her poems with women's perception and meticulously serves some, amongst others, best nuances of 'Love,' Intensities of an 'Identity,' the obsession towards a 'Passion,' a strong 'Companion' all ingredients in a single platter. An enigmatic yet energetic theme. -Rashtradoot ( Newspaper) Beautifully illustrated, this exquisite compilation of poems is the work of a deft wordsmith, whose words gush and gurgle forth with an intensity of passion, sparkling with fresh metaphors and striking imagery. Layering with myriad nuances her poetry is an intriguing mix of simple, complex real, surreal, the sanguine and the are serendipitous. Here is a young poet, waiting in the wings to unleash her poetic magic. I am sure the wait won't be long. Dr. Santosh Bakaya (Internationally acclaimed author of Ballad of Bapu and Where are the lilacs?)

Author : Swatii Chandak