Catalogue - Why Should I love you?

Book : Why Should I love you?

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About the book

Have you ever wondered why your partner loves you? How would you feel if consort asks the reason to love you? What if there is no reason? He was debonair engineer but she was a small town lass. He liked her but she loved him. He avoided her but she waited. He slickly fell in love but her family denied him. Raunak and Juhi come close with a platonic relationship and unwillingly abnegate the desire. Meanwhile, Megha peeps from the past. Love changes their lives and then one day everything turns to unexpected. Will time heal their lives? Will love enliven them or leave eradicated? Will Megha make space for everyone? Will their creed in love be judged by crumbled situations? Let's be the part of this heart melting love story and find a reason to love someone.


Author : Kamal Paneru