Catalogue - The Uchallambi Icons

Book : The Uchallambi Icons

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About the book

Mumbai, the Maximum City! Three close friends Pia, Deepti and Anushka find themselves targeted by a huge,monstrous, tatto- oed creature vying for the legendary icons which came into their possession, inadvertently. The relentless chase is on and the girls have no place to hide. A terrifying journey begins through the sun dappled streets of Nairobi, the rain lashed pavements of Bangkok and through the cobbled, quaint boulevards of Nice until it loops back to Mumbai, from where it all began. Will the men in their life be of any help? Are they mere marionettes whose strings are held by the Monster? Will they be able to cut loose in time? Desperate answers are needed and time is running out as the tattooed Monster draws them insidiously into his web.


Author : Praveena Bhaduri