Catalogue - Quinsilera

Book : Quinsilera

Language : En

About the book

She stood at the edge of the cliff with her arms straight, her fingers stretched outwards. The sun now began to set displaying an exuberant orange and her mind lost in the infinite colours that once adorned her life. It's been a week since she has stood at this same spot at the same time waiting for his return. Just as she was about to turn the half bridge from the cliff extending towards the horizon trembled as if shook by violent winds. From amidst the clouds he appeared, disembarking from the boat that glided amongst the clouds. His face was concealed behind a mask. He removed his mask showing his face adorned by the devilish smile. He was neither from heaven nor from hell , he was from an altogether different world. "Come with me ", He said. "No I can't ", She said with restraint. "I'll wait", he said before vanishing in the darkness. Milisha now stood there looking into the abyss. Now she was the Queen and he was the Ghost and their lives was not theirs anymore.


Author : Tarun Tewari