Catalogue - The Maut-E-Maticians

Book : The Maut-E-Maticians

Language : EN

About the book

Terror strikes and hell break lose as mathematics faculty from 'Rising Star Institute of Engineering and Technology' gets murdered one by one. First it's Professor Gayatri and then Professor Siddique who lose their lives in the hands of a serial killer. The murderer leaves behind pool of blood, tormented corpse along with cryptic message in the form of geometric figures drawn in blood right next to the victims. ACP Abhijeet gets involved in this deadly chase and tries decoding these cryptic geometrical messages. Is there some lunatic behind these cold blooded murders or is it a part of some sinister conspiracy? Why is the killer targeting mathematicians only? ACP Abhijeet digs in to the past of the victims and find out the secret behind their deeds that led them to their fate.

Author : Nikhil Uprety