Catalogue - Flowers of Sapphire

Book : Flowers of Sapphire

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About the book

Three years have passed and Kafka has not forgotten the love that was, Mira. He comes to an island with a hope to find some belonging. Burdened with nostalgia and his encounter with Vivah gradually transcends into a belonging that could captivate his heart. Vivah has a convalescing heart too. And as much as she grows to feel Kafka as her companion, she knows that one day she will have to leave the island and go back to a life she wants for herself. Poised between the real and the surreal, the island holds the story of a witch, waiting to rejoin her lover in the depths of the sea. Kafka must make a choice to complete a tale of love of an age long gone by, or retreat into the safety of his old life.


Author : Anubhav Srivastava