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About the book

Shahil Kabir, a young IT professional has grown up in a middle class family with his father and grandmother. His peaceful 9 to 5 job is more than enough to make him happy until his grandmother passes away.He discovers a bunch of personal letters, reading them he senses that his biological grandfather canbe someone else than he knows.He decides to visit hisgrandmother's birthplace in Bangladesh to solve the puzzle of his grandfather's identity. Will he succeed in resolving his identity crisis?Will the journey turn his life topsy-turvy? Based on facts and lives, this novel reveals the brutal cold-blooded massacre of millions of innocents and the series of assassinations of National Heroes even after the independence of a newborn country, Bangladesh


Author : Kaushik Roy

In a busy rainy evening when you are confining in an annoying traffic jam, when you are rushing to reach at your home, when you are itching your neck after all day’s hectic schedule; the most suitable boy standing beside you may be Kaushik Roy.Like every introvert, ‘the boy next door’ requires a very formal introduction- Kaushik Roy is a 24 years old Software Engineer currently working in Bangalore. 

He completed his Bachelor degree in Computer Science from the University of Calcutta, Kolkata and then Master degree in Computer Application from the VIT University, Vellore. From childhood itself, he had a keen interest in historical based fiction and non-fiction. He started writing articles on historical events and characters for his high school magazines. Later he also continued the journey in his college and university days and he elaborated his fields of writing with several categories of fictional short and long stories.