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Book : In the Tolerance

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About the book

What if India was to divide again? Imagine what it would be if every state of India became a different country. Amarlands on this information by witnessing a terrorist act of bombing. After probing further they find out the mess is much bigger than imagined, and that the terrorists are trying to break the country from within. A boy named Intekhabis a 22 year old recruit from Pakistan who is living in disguise in India. Over time he realises that the country is completely different than what was portrayed to him. In his journey to weed out terrorists from the entire population of the country, Amar also learns the answer to his question on India’s integrity. Both Amar and Intekhab learn about the spirit of India from different directions but come upon a same conclusion. But does Amar succeed in this seemingly impossible missionagainst an enemy disguised within 1.3 billion people? Or does the nation divide forever? “There is little doubt that no reader would ever be able to predict half-way through the book what new and unexpected turns the novel would offer subsequently.The young author has it in him as a story-teller.” -Chief Editor (Hitvada)

Author : Anurag Raje