Event - STORYFY'D - HBB Writing Contest ( CLOSED)

Half Baked Beans is now inviting submissions for 'STORYFY'd'- a Thematic Writing contest.
Recreate a popular mythological or fantasy scene in your words. Get into the shoes of an author and give a twist to the original scene and end it the way you like.

Sharing some examples of the scene/situation-

a. Draupadi Cheerharan
b. Shiv Taandav
c. The  first meeting of Ganesha and Lord Shiva
d. The Gita Sermon By Lord krishna

( These are just examples. You may choose any 1 from this list or any other scene from Indian and International mythology)
Recreate the scenes from a popular fantasy series-

a. Game of Thrones
b. Chronicles of Narnia
c. Arabian Nights
d. Harry Potter Series

(These are just examples. You may choose any 1 from this list or any other scene from Indian or International Fantasy series.)

The contest closes on January 05, 2020.

 Fill in the google doc with the details mentioned-
a. Name
b. Email address
c. Postal address
d. Contact number
e. Reference to the ORIGINAL SCENE that you are recreating
f. Your entry
G. Genre- Mythology/Fantasy

(  1 entry allowed per google doc)

The entry submitted should -

a. Be between 100- 400 words.
b. Have a suitable title
c. Should be free of plagiarism

 The entry fees for entering into this contest is Rs 249/- and to be paid through payment  link given below.

The entries will be adjudged by the HBB team & Kevin Missal. 

Top 3 winners will get a cash prize of 3000, 2500, 2000 respectively. They will also receive a feedback from Kevin Missal.

Top 5 will get feedback from Kevin Missal on perfecting their craft.

25 winners will get an e-certificate from Half Baked Beans and a copy of Kevin Missal’s latest mythological offering-  Meghnad.
The google form inviting submissions is LIVE now-
Once you have filled the form, make the payment of 249 INR through-
Payment link- 
Your entry will be considered valid only once you have made the payment.
Best of Luck.