Event - Annual HBB Micro-Fiction Competition' 2020 | Theme- Horror ( CLOSED)

We at Half Baked Beans are so excited to be sharing with you that we are coming up with Second edition of our very own grand Annual HBB Micro-Fiction Competition.

The Annual HBB Micro-Fiction Competition intends to provide an opportunity to storytellers across the country to get valued and recognized for their skill. HBB has been a grounded part of the Publishing Industry for 6 years now and through various means and creative ideas we intend to provide a fair platform to our faithful artists/readers. So join us as we celebrate storytelling together!


This year the theme of the Micro Fiction Contest is Horror.

You can choose from following subgenres of Horror-

Comedy horror, body horror, disaster horror, found footage, holiday horror, horror drama, psychological horror, science fiction horror, slasher, supernatural horror, gothic horror, natural horror, zombie horror , first-person horror, and teen horror. Or any other format wherein you use horror as an element.



Common Rules-

  1. All content must be original, failure of which will lead to dis-qualification from the competition.


  1. The competition only has one round which has to be completed within the deadline.


  1. You have to strictly follow the challenge i.e. writing a Horror micro-fiction story within 500 words, entries that fail to do that will not be considered.


  1. The competition is open to all and Top 50 entries will be selected by the editorial team at Half Baked Beans and compiled in a Kindle book.


  1. The submissions for the competition open on May 8th and closes on May 31st.



  1. The entry fee for the competition is Rs 300 /per entry. You can submit more than once but for each new entry you have to pay the entry fee of Rs 300/-



  1. Your entry will not be considered if you do not pay the entry fee.


  1. No entries will be accepted once the deadline is over.


Foreword of the book to be written by Renowned Horror writer, Neil D’Silva.







  1. Top 3 entries chosen by Neil D’Silva to win cash prize of 2500, 1500, 1000 INR respectively and their stories with Author bio to be published in kindle book.


  1. Top 50 entries to get published in kindle book published by Half baked beans.



  1. Top 50 participants to  get a copy of the book- City of Screams- Urban Horror published by Half baked beans and put together by Neil D’Silva.


  1. E-certificate to all participants.



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