Event - HBB Creative Writing Workshop hosted by Kaffeinated Konversations in Indore

The Immersive Project: Creative Writing Workshop

Creative writing is always considered as a writing which expresses a writer’s thoughts in a creative and unique way. It is always important for a writer to express his/her feelings easily which can be conveyed to its readers. To develop your protagonist plays an important role in writing any kind of stories.


The founder of Kaffeinated Konversation, Kavita Singh and Richa Saxena(left)


Half Baked Beans is a verified publishing house with lakhs of followers on Social Medias, it provides you the platform to get published your work. They have been actively working with hundreds of writers; pushing them to discover new frontiers of creativity.
The Immersive Project along with Kaffeinated Konversations, Indore Diaries, and SumitOfficial is excited to collaborate with Half Baked Beans to bring to Indore, India HBB Creative Writing Workshop today on April 3, Monday.


Today’s event was facilitated by Richa Saxena who promised to equip all kinds of writers (novice or professional) to gain a creative perspective to their writing skills. Bloggers, Writers, content professionals, writing of any genre, all the readers/writers/participants got a lot of benefits from this workshop.




I am elated to mention that Richa’s speech was spectacular in all the ways. As she is already a published author of the book The Soul Charmer from the same publication she works with. It is great to know the perspective of people from the publication industry because it is the last step of any write-ups. A lot of write-ups are rejected even without being read, so she explained the loopholes to overcome while writing your story/poetry.




I am going to share all the techniques Richa and HBB has shared with us in the session-


  1. There is no such technique.
  2. Develop your style.
  3. Understand your readers.
  4. Read a lot.


Thank you so much for all the enthusiastic poeple who joined the session.



  • To be a good writer, be a good reader
  • Keep the spell check on as it traces the errors
  • right from the beginning.
  • Avoid repetition of phrases.
  • Introduce the characters in the initial 3- 4
    chapters to build the interest.
  • Construction of events should be in an order.
  • Use language that is comprehensible to the
  • Proper track record of dates and events
    should be done.
  • Punctuate well else the writing might look
  • Syntax and imagery plays a very important
    part in the write-up.
  • A crisp editing is always a cherry on the cake.
  • When in doubt, consult a dictionary.
  • Do not use a lot of exclamations. It ruins the





  1. Rather than long paragraphs, keep short paragraphs with adequate spacing. Helps reader in eyeing through the story.
  2. Focus more on dialogues than the narrative.
  3. While writing, live in your story. Become the characters of your book.
  4. Develop new ways of telling old stories if you fall short of original stories.
  5. Imagination is the key. Imagine an create stories in your head that others would be willing to listen.
  6. Do not overuse the use of verbs like ‘said’ and ‘told’.

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Blogpost written by- Sumit Yadav