Event - HBB Writing workshop, October 2016

The Writing workshop conducted by Half baked beans saw participants pouring in from Delhi. It was facilititated by writer and published Author, Arun Prabhu. 

The workshop was designed in such a way that it served to offer creative assistance to the participants.


The pointers of the workshop are listed below-


1. To find out the 'why' of your writing.  The reason, purpose and the drive behind writing.

2. Once the reason is clear develop the 'how' of writing. 

3. Be a voracious reader.

3. Be clear about your target audience

4. The language used should be target-centric. Simple and lucid

5. Read, edit and then re-edit your draft.

6. Be driven by creativity not the money.

7. The mood is very important. Write according to your mood. Do not force the words.

8. Construction of events. A book is like a jigsaw puzzle; assemble your thoughts and the blank spaces.

9. Refrain from negativity. Jot down the thoughts immediately