Baked Reviews

  • “No Time to Pause” is a perfect narration of experiences that a young and enthusiastic girl goes through, during her college life. The cover of the book is nice and catchy. The title is apt. The blurb is precise and urges the readers to turn the pages of the book.

    The font (size and style) is fine. No where during the narrative will the reader be bored. The way the authoress has projected all the episodes is commendable. Not only the sequence of events is relatable but gives ample opportunity to the readers to empathize with the characters.

    However, there are some drawbacks that can put the readers in a black mood. One- The switching from monologue to dialogue- there is no flaw in the monologue, except the grammar and editing, but when it comes to dialogue or to be more precise when other character (other than the protagonist) is narrating his/ her experience, there is no demarcation to differentiate between who is narrating. For an instance, the last chapter (14) baffled me a lot. I had to read it twice to understand whose monologue it was.

    Two- there are grammatical errors, especially wrong use of tenses and missing punctuation marks. There are editing errors where Rita is replaced with Raina and vice versa. Somewhere in my subconscious mind I wished- only if Aditi was the narrator because the majority of narration is about Aditi’s life and not about the life of the protagonist.

    Overall, a nice and light read.

    - No Time to Pause- Book review