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  • I know I'm stretching the word riveting a little but I'm allowed to take my liberties with my own challenge. From page one i was enthralled and i could not put it down.
    I've developed an affinity for the authors clarity in particular, especially in her description of the characters with exquisite details yet not overwhelming you with the same, and the cleverness with which the plots are presented to the reader. That being said, if you're smart enough you might catch her clues well in time.
    I'd like to give you a spoiler warning here because anything mentioned about the mystery part of 'until the sun sets' is a spoiler.
    Go buy your copy for a refreshingly charming, quick read !
    Kudos to arpita bahl for a wonderful start. Looking forward to reading more Arpita Bahl.

    - Until the Sun sets- Book Review