Baked Reviews

  • Won this in the official Giveaway. I thank Kritika Sharma for a copy

    And a copy it was. Half Baked Beans have done a great job with this books' design. It is really nice to hold and the smoothness is something I can't write but exclude at the same time from my review.

    You may think I am crazy, but I do judge the books cover art and there handiness! In terms of that, top 5 covers I have felt this year.

    Coming to the story. Well, a bit more about the design first.

    When I won this, I read the blurb and I must say the paranormal theme is what intrigued me. So the title gets you hitched and you wait for the book to arrive.

    The story is a nice and sweet one. Without hassle, it is one of the simple love stories that I enjoyed. The well-beings of a homespun young girl who gets involved in a spooky accident. (Pun Intended)

    Her character is one of charisma more than Jai's.

    Plainly written and breeze to read. I read this in one sitting over the midnight.

    The author delivers what she promises. An ably baked love story with a ghost. Different and you may quite like to read this one!

    The characters are the pivotal strongholds that steer this story. Miranda and her best friend and their moms.

    The backstory of playboys and how they reform is yet another thing, Kritika has duly written.
    How people chase wrong things in life and it gets them nowhere at the end of the lane. How love can transform your very personality's core.

    This can be a movie.
    Really the book is that good yet uncomplicated.

    Ghost romance is a genre unexplored in India, yet.

    (I wish they all use this cover material in all the books they publish. I hope you got the message Half Baked Beans. You did a great job.)

    Verdict : For the simplicity and ease of reading, 3 Stars to Kritika's debut!

    - Live-in with a Ghost- Book Review