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  • Somebody have said it so right that ‘if you are in Love’ Well that is ‘Heartbreak in Progress’

    One thing I noticed in the writing style of these young authors Chitra & Ritika, the knack of making everything very very very interesting. It really requires great skills because sometimes the subject may look dry at the first instance. The way they have picked up and narrated, makes each chapter so alive. You find each step into Love and the world you’ve lived some time or wanted to and will not allow you to leave the book until you complete that chapter. The moments where the feel was alike heart-broken and left alone in the world to move on, but, to live like a living corpse, thenceforth. The pristine feelings about the first fall of Love are beautifully framed by authors and one can feel those passionate waves inside when the pages are being turned. Some special moments of a character’s first meeting, the first touch and the heavy painful emotions that erupted just at the time he denies about the interest of not to cherish honeymooners way of being is worth applause. One can witness a laugh and a tear both escaping their eyes. Authors have really done justice to the Concept.

    Very few stories like this written with great involvement, last long in the minds of the readers for quite a long time.

    If you are in Love or even if you were, it’s a must buy!

    - Heartbreak in Progress- Book review