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  • How many times have you wondered on the lines of ‘What if I had done what I wanted – how different would my life be then?’

    Well, going by the book (being semi-autobiographical) our author here surely has nothing to regret – been everywhere, done everything.

    Truly the ‘girl with the Kaleidoscope eyes’, Deepali takes us through the roller-coaster of bizarre encounters in her twenties, dotted with the kind of wisdom which only comes from her vast array of experiences. With a refreshing mix of humorous anecdotes and pointers, there is nothing preachy about this book.

    The most important message of all, which will makes me feel so much better about my twenties – It’s OKAY to be confused – most of us are. It’s OKAY to not have your life all figured out – everything works out for the best anyway.

    - Twisted Twenties- Book Review