Baked Reviews

  • The name of the book speaks of something lost in time, or of some things perhaps forgotten. It is the debut book by the Half Baked Beans Publishing. I like this name. ‘Half Baked Beans’- to me it means something that’s in process, midway in the journey of ‘baking’, not accomplished yet aspiring. Many thanks to Namrata for introducing me to this wonderful collection of short stories. One of her short stories has found place here. I received it from her as a part of a book giveaway. I enjoyed reading every story, and overall it was a wholesome experience.

    Each story in the compilation has a fact at its core, an actual event that took place in recent history, coated with fiction and a brilliant narration. It retells about the ideas and people who changed the face of internet; about con men and their heists around the world; about world’s best deception and the best kept secret behind the public identity of the best automobile company; of spies and whistle blowers; and of the spirit of togetherness, friendship and peace through the motto of ‘One World One Dream’ of The Beijing Olympics. Another set of stories recount the tragic tales- the tsunami of 2004, assassination of a public figure in Pakistan, the Nepal Uprising, riots and communal violence that tore apart the country many a times.

    Most of the stories are narrated from the perspective of those people whom history doesn’t choose to remember. They are the sufferers, the victims; they are the background to a tragedy. They find no place in history.

    - Time lost Atlas- Book Review