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  • Saiber's 'Stardust and Sheets' is an epitome of strong yet soulful writing, nowhere subtle as it is a journey through the chaos of the Universe within ourselves. The book engulfs various manifestations of love and life.

    It speaks volumes of the writer's skill and ability to engage the reader in the depths of her lines. She mesmerizes with her heartfelt and honest writing. The beauty of her words will entangle your soul.
    Sometimes I shed a tear, sometimes I smile, sometimes it reminds me of a very special person in my life..
    The poems about lost love, the angst of losing someone, the darker side, the other world feels like falling through Dante's Hell yet it also gives hope to make it through the stormy nights.
    The book embodies emotions like passion, desire, love, envy, hope, despair; summing up into...LIFE itself!

    With specks of Love to Painted sorrows, Stardust and Sheets has it all!

    I recommend Saber's 'Stardust and Sheets' to all those who are in Love..Lost their love or well, Somewhere in between....

    - Stardust and Sheets- Book Review