Baked Reviews

  • “Love, again” is a delightful read. The cover is picturesque, with all the dreamy colors and the title is self explanatory. The first story, “These lines of mehendi”, has been beautifully crafted but is predictable to a large extent. The narration is lucid, the expressions and dialogues give life to the characters. Lalitha is the protagonist opposite to Shrikant and both the characters balance each other pretty well. The content is grammatically correct. The author has successfully portrayed a character of a strong woman, whose husband, in some way, cuts the ground from under her feet, but still she learns to survive on her own. Overall, a delightful story!
    The second story, “A tulip in the desert”, is different in the way that it includes the flavor of Egyptian history too. The author has done sufficient research on Cleopatra and the twists and turn of events in the story keep the reader’s attention intact. The descriptions are picturesque and the plot has adventure mixed with strong emotions. This is one filmic story which leaves the readers wanting for more (A hint for the author to try converting this into a full fledged novella). The author has created a perfect balance between the personalities of the protagonists making it, altogether, an interesting read.
    Kudos to both the authors!

    - Love again- Book review