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  • A quick read and undoubtedly a good thriller.. Deserves a big review.

    Book has 2 different stories. I mean totally different. Even if 2 are thrillers both of them are very much different. I liked both. I finished the book in 4 hrs. It is a goodread for ones with little time but love reading.

    Frozen summer is a real good one. The climax and last 25 pages blew me away. This story made me cry and I loved the last few paras to the core. One of the best I read so far and I read a lot. It’s a narrative and that helps you get into the story quickly. The beginning was good but the episode between Prateek and Pooja seems a little slow when compared to the fantastic climax. But I understand that the author obviously did her best.
    A simple yet powerful story with not many characters – 3 main and 3 or 4 more. But a terrific story line and a suspenseful climax. I would give this one 4.5 stars. Made a good read. I just couldn’t place the book down.

    Columbina is a very different one. Probably because authors find it difficult to write something like this as there is a lot of research involved. I wouldn’t say the writer did a great research and everything was meaningful but it’s a tremendous risk for a newbie and the author pulled it off well. I liked how Martin Herd was framed and liked how the mystery was maintained until the end. If the author release a second part, I would definitely buy it. My only suggestion would be to maintain the same pace throughout. Story begins great but falls in between but picks up soon enough. I could read this one too in a go.

    A story with an extravagant background and some nice hearty moments. I would give this one 3.5 stars. I liked the idea. But 3.5 only because Frozen summer was more my type than this one.

    - Frozen Summer- Book Review