Baked Reviews

  • I don’t know what to say, it consist of 60% Thrillers, 30% horror & 10% comedy. So it was better if it had been thrillers as a layman person I would have expected equal ratios of the same. The book is a pre-signed copy where all the contributing authors have autographed it, so i can say something different. I wont say I was disappointed with the book, few story did gave me chills. Few stories did go bouncers.

    Guns and roses by Akash Shrivastav: it’s a story about a guy falling in love and later enters gun. it’s a thriller story. What I think about the story is its easy to see in film than in book and its predictable.Sorry.

    Prank by Nikhil Uprety: this one is a horror.the story is about what happens when you travel all alone at station. A nice read.

    Battle of Wits by Rafaa Dalvi: I can say its comedy-thriller. It’s a story about ‘Guru – Chela’ conning people and at the end who wins Guru or Chela.

    Duplicity by Alexander Altman: the story is a thriller. the story is about a person who forgot his memory and is back in office to carry out work. wha t os the motive is the story about with twist at end.

    The Unwelcome Guest by Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan: This one is horror, but not much horror.The story is about a ghost hunter going after a vampire cum will he be succesful or not is the story about.

    Atarahbaham – Mahabharata Remixed by Suhail Mathur: I can say the boom falls in Humor and definitely one of its kind.One of my favourite and as the name suggest is a remixed version of Mahabharata told by Bheeshma Pitamah in a new gen tone.

    The Raveled Mystery by Saurabh Chawla: The story is Thriller. It is about 2 consecutive murders that happens and how inspector is all set to find the culprit.

    - Myriad Tales- Book Review