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  • " First Love Matters ...So does the Second " is the debut work of 20 year old Vishal Shah . Plot belongs to YA category jammed with Emotions , revolving around a cancer patient Vishal and is narrated in Ist form by the protagonist itself in most part of the writing .Story launched with Vishal's days of schooling , 10th Standard , where he used to study with his best friends Shaurya , Myra , Aaryahi , Vedika and later Shreya too becomes a part of his story . With time , Vishal falls for Vedika but a night before his proposal to her , she reveals herself to be in relation with her Arnav . But as legends said , time heals more or less everything , Vishal find his happiness with Shreya who's two years junior to him . But events turned in manner that his life along with others change drastically .
    Applause for Author for writing the plot in humorous way that at various stances makes the reader laugh out loud . Vishal is embedded as an average student who hates mathematics but taught his friends some precious lessons . Shaurya turned out to be my favourite character from the story 'cause of his real cool qualities from being good in Mathematics to having ability to initiate talk . Shaurya & Vishal's relation shined as an inspiring friendship . Ananya's love for her brother makes every guy reader wish to have a sister like her . Dr. Mehra , Vishal's mentor is portrayed as a father figure to vishal .

    Fav. Moments :
    # Sharya & Vishal's conversation
    # Shreys's verdict that she loves Vishal on top of hill .
    # Surprising Myra on her birthday .
    # Vedika's emotions for Vishal

    - First love matters; So does Second- Book review