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  • When i saw the cover i thought, it is all going to be about banking and numbers. but as they say dont judge a book by its cover. this book is filled with surprises. a short and amazing read.

    Full of satirical and humorous lines that a sales person faces through his college to work life.
    how life is tough for the sales officer. at times when he is managing everything and at times when it all mismatches.
    This book has comedy- love- and so much of truth i can relate to.
    I really liked it when hindi lines were put in, and there titles are allotted as if sales are his first love.
    This book makes you read it at one go. So very interesting and new!

    Must read for sales people and book lovers as well!

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    - Deepali Gupta

      Book Reviewer

    - 8 Days a Week- book review