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  • The first thing that strikes you is the title of the book and you just cannot wait to finish the book to find out its significance.

    For me, a book is a success if it keeps me hooked and that is what this book did. The journey of Roshan is so relatable that one often sees their own reflections. The author has put in a lot of effort in sketching the characters that give them a sharp edge. Roshan, Ariella and his friends can be spotted in your friend circle. The characters seem to have distinct traits and attributes that keeps the storyline very clear. The story does not deviates from its original plot.

    The book revolves around Roshan's struggles and his dream that he figures out quite later. His American dreams falter paving way to his Indian aspirations. A tale that is crisp and interesting, though it tends to get boring at few places.

    The narrative is strong and the words flow ceaselessly that makes it an easy read.
    Editing is again nice and even when it gets boring it does not let the reader sway away.
    A celebration of life. A joyous carnival that instils beautiful memories.

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    Richa Saxena

    Book Reviewer/Bookaholic

    - The American Indian Dream