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  • It's been so long I read an Indian author write a crime fiction that was a page turner. The last one I read was may be Seduced By Murder. This book was promising as I liked this author's previous book. The author didn't disappoint me. The book was indeed a page turner and a book that made me glued to it.

    The story starts with a no nonsense girl Riya visiting a crime scene where her 'boyfriend' Rohan is investigating. She asks him to tag her along in every bit of the investigation so that she can write her first novel. However, the case they investigate seems to be an open-shut suicide, except for one confusing evidence. While they are still on this, they have a new situation to handle. To complicate things, there are more clues popping up.


    The author has tried to follow the Knox's Decalogue (Golden Age Of Detective Fiction) to a certain extent, although not fully. This is an interesting and noteworthy thing about the novel.

    - A Minute to Death - Book Review