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    8 Days a Week, a novel based on the life of a salesman who put extra ordinary efforts to sell different product of the company. Rohan aka Ron, 25 years old completed his MBA from IIMT Ghaziabad and done his internship at IFICI Bank. He was an average student in college but had a good knowledge about selling. There was this girl, Anu who came in his life during his MBA days but soon they broke up due to the ups and down of their relationship. Placement days were over the head but he was already having PPO from the IFICI bank. Soon after the college end, his life @IFICI began. Read the book to know how his life behaves and how he cope up with those situations. 

    Prologue of the novel was good but it could have been more better. What I liked the most about the book was the statutory warning at the starting that indeed increased my interest. It was a short story with a bitter truth of the life of a salesman. Every salesman faces all such things in life and most of the time gets humiliated by the BOSS. Book was more like a non fiction to me, as every incidence seem realistic. Narration of the story was simple and easy. And I liked the way how author used sarcasm and humor in the story. Cover was apt but the blurb was not up to the mark. Though both the things totally described the story. There were many grammatical, punctuation errors which irritates a GRAMMAR NAZI, not me though! Editing of the book needs to be improved in the next edition. And all the salesperson or to be salesperson out there, this book will inspire you in many ways and will tell you whether you are the right person for this job or not. 

    I congratulate Niraj Sir for this fearless writing. Hopefully I would get to read more experiences in your next novel. 

    Book Cover - 3/5
    Editing - 3.5/5 
    Blurb - 3/5
    Book Quality (Typing, Word Setting, Fonts) - 4.5/5 
    Story - 3.5/5 
    Overall - 3.5/5

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    Pavitr Singh Rathore
    Book reviewer

    - 8 Days a Week- book review