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  • When you read a book and it reminds you of your old memories, trust me;you can’t stop yourself from saying that the book is super awesome. Yes, “Blemishing The Odds” was one such book. I got so engrossed while reading the book that could not stop myself from completing it in one go. The book for many times made me forget that Raghav & Trisha are the characters in the book. I felt as if I was living in those characters. The book all over revolved around Raghav’s life. A spoilt boy who never cared for studies, but had a crush on Trisha, who was studious in studies. It is rightly said no human understand few things by scolding but understand only when life teaches them the same lesson. The same was with Raghav. He never cared about studies but suddenly he was serious regarding his studies and marks. Trisha’s entry in Raghav life was a turning point in his life. He became a responsible boy now. The story goes through various mixed emotions. At some parts it made me laugh a lot, at some made me emotions and at most of the parts reminded me of mg school times, my crush and my friend circle. 

    Harish wrote the book in a very uniques style. I loved the way he presented each and every character in the book. It was a well constructed plot. Among the books, I read this month; ” Blemishing The Odds” became my favourite one. I completely enjoyed reading the whole book. A suggestion to the people reading this review, ” No matter to which ever age group you belong to, do read this book. It will surely take you down the memory lane.”

    RATING : 5/5 





    - Blemishing the Odds- Book review