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  • This book offers a move on guide to all those who have been in tough times. There are ways out of every situation the thing is when you start seeking!

    The author has well narrated the tale of a heartbreak and recovery as Rayan found his way out of disdain. Akshita and Rayan had a relationship of a fairytale circumstances turned so that they were parted. Rayan was broken and sad beyond words. Finally he decided to go on a journey to discover inner peace. Where it led to? What was the destination? What he attained? Find the answers in 'Thank you Love'.

    The storyline is clear and simple. Reader friendly narration makes story smoother! Moreover this is not a regular romance novel which takes the reader in a reverie but it is a 'On-the-face-of-it' types novel which boldly hits reality on the face of reader. A good read, I must say.


    Vaidehi Sharma

    - Thank You Love