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  • The cover is appealing in the sense its blue hues hints at the bland life of the people working in the aviation industry. As you leaf over and star reading, it picks up the pace. The writer has very nicely summed up the life of the airline crew members that is constantly under the sun. Its a different  story because very  few writers attempt to pick up a sector that's not exciting in a typical sense. A well appreciated attempt.

    The first few chapters are peppy. From the jokes to friendly banter,the novel touches the heart and soothe the troubled minds. Its easy and fun to read. Not much to think about or tax our brains. I was in fact amused by the writers style that how he has weaved a emotional catastrophe of the air hostess into a series of lighthearted jokes. This helped the book in not being too heavy or philosophical and at the same time an interesting read. The character of Sam is very relatable and unique. This goes on for almost all the characters penned down.

    Amidst the jokes and parties happening, the journey of the aviation guys is surreal and very comforting. A warm read with a cup of coffee. The writer has not used a incomprehensible vocab and that is actually a plus point. 

    The plot is not a very mysterious or a powerful one, and that remains to be a negative and a positive both. If you are looking for a brain taxing novel, then this is not for you. The novel at some places looks like a movie screenplay.

    Do read it. The author has attempted a road less ravelled and tried to portray the shades of the aviation industry. A heartwarming novel. 

    - Flying Colors- A Book Review