Baked Reviews

  • Tagged for me turned out to be a wonderful read!! The story and narration was so engaging from the very first chapter that you would not keep the book down till u are done with it!! I just loved how the story picked up so fast...the humor. The characterization.. the book is expressive maintaining well the level of ..excitement and quality story telling methodology!!(Which is the author’s USP!!)
    I really need to make a big mention here to all the efforts the author has put into making the story so engrossing.. Every chapter had something just too nail biting that would definitely make u turn the page!!.. The Sai’s ex girlfriend angle, Preethis’s friend Raghav entering the story, all just caught me up so tight that i cud hardly move..That much was the power in the narration of the story that you can really feel the characters move around talking all that is in the book in front of u.... a modern day love story, with all characters having a very practical outlook...I would just like to say that with the way she has beaded the story and infact the story itself, kaarthika has proved what a great story teller she is..her potential , skills and sincerity towards her passion of writing come across pretty well with this one..A great read.. It is the very book you would like it pick for your next travel.. Short, crisp, well written, simple yet highly engaging narration. Tagged will surely keep u tagged till the end!!

    - Tagged