Baked Reviews

  • The book throws light on some massive social issues like discrimination based on religion and communities, child marriage, the pressure of choice to be made between the dream and the duties etc.

    The characters have been portrayed well to an extent but in the start the reader would find them a little bit unjustifying, insensitive and practical more then needed.

    The cover of book nicely goes with the title which describes blood, revenge and hate; and is a nicely presented thriller.

    The story is indeed powerful and strong which can gain a lot of attention because of its not so mundane and intriguing storyline.

    The author manages to keep the readers hooked to the book with the help of interesting twists and turns, but towards the end the narration goes with a slower pace; and a perfect ending for such an intriguing plot.

    Full marks for the narration and portrayal of feelings of the characters.

    Minor editing issues are there but those can be neglected.

    - An eye for an eye- Book Review