Short Story

Red- A short Story (Part 1)

  • Red(part l) 
    Today we met exactly after 8 months 2 days. Excitement and nervousness reaching at its peak of eruption. 
     I still remember our first meet on Makar Sankranti  day 2 years back. The combination of his  blood Red t-shirt and his charming personality created flirtatious atmosphere . Though we had no interactions except our introductions, the rendezvous was a mark of forever remembrance. No,It was not my first sight love but you may call it as attraction at first sight. Magic to allure. 
    I got to know about him(Vishal) through Mahek our common friend. Working in a multinational company with high class academics
    Our next meeting was at Lonavala. Gap was after almost one year. Mahek had thrown a small in-house party at her Lonavala home. It was a simple get together. She had arranged for drinks, snacks, games. Few close friends with many topics to chit chat. 
    I saw him in his  red t-shirt and blue jeans.Appealing personality with the touch of red made him look more attractive. 
    Let me remind you, it was not the same t-shirt which he wore last time, but this was absolutely new one. My eyes looked for him all the time.
    I guess, red was his favorite color because he was drinking red wine. It reminded me of Dracula(laugh), only missing were his canine teeth(wink).
    Games were the only means to get connected and start interactions and fortunately it did happen. 
    Every meet of ours, I noticed, our eyes met several times. Because whenever I glanced at him, I saw his eyes on me but  never gave smile. So this party was one  step ahead of our next level meet. 
    Exactly after three months we met again. This time we met at lounge for Mahek's birthday party. Same attire with the glow on his face, looking handsome as always just like icing on the cake. Any girl can fall for such guy.
    Sitting next to each other, our interaction started. 
    "Hi, nice to meet you, after a long time" he winked and smiled. 
    Gullible smile on my face, I replied" yeah, exactly after three months, such a long gap".  We both started laughing. 
    This time we got some morespace for ourselves and exchanged so many talks. About work, education, likes, dislikes, food, hobbies. Just like exchanging the data for matrimonial opportunity.
    I was very curious to ask about the obsession for color red and I did ask him. 
    "I have always seen you in red color, what's the secret? "I questioned him to get some sensible reply. 
    He laughed and replied, "I am obsessed with this color, because this color makes me look more confident and it suits me". 
    "ohhh, that's nice, but yes this color suits you a lot and boys cannot carry this color so confidently like you ", I replied. 
    "By the way, I too have seen you in your red tunic, red shirt and red short dress whenever  we have met, what is the secret behind you wearing this color? " He questioned with same eagerness like mine and he winked too. 
    " yeah, I too love this color and red color looks elegant on any girl " smile on my face. 
    So I was assured that fire of attraction broke out on both sides. He too have noticed me on every occasion we met. 
    I felt like love wings are carrying me to the cloud line. Silver lining!!! I smiled. But held my feelings tightly in my heart. 
    After some more conversation between us,Vishal asked me for a date. How can I deny his proposal. I immediately said yes.
    Completed with our scrumptious dinner with soft light music everyone started bidding good byes  with smiles on their faces. Suddenly, Vishal came very close to me and whispered into my ears, "Anu, let's see what color we wear next". my elated heart was taking me to the land of surrealism. 
    He texted me in next very minute " color of our attire will decide our future stance, so let's make it very  special," with a love emoji dancing as suffix. 
    Emojis of smile and heart started floating from my mobile to his. 
    Let's see which color they will on their first date. Keep guessing... 

    - Chaitali Agarwal